A Summer to Remember with Taylor Swift

A Summer to Remember with Taylor Swift

One summer in Melbourne where Taylor Swift played the biggest show of her life. A world record-breaking crowd is not just a concert, it's a cultural phenomenon. We're talking about a crowd so massive that even Taylor herself couldn't believe her eyes.

Melbourne, I am starstruck - Taylor Swift

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Melbourne didn't just roll out the red carpet for Taylor, it practically paved the streets with glitter. From Swift-themed academic symposiums to lighting up Flinders St Station, the anticipation leading up to the Eras Tour was electric. And let me tell you, getting seats to the sold out show was harder than winning a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.


The Eras Tour, the highest-grossing tour of all time (yes, you read that right!) with 96,000 fans in attendance three nights in a row and thousands outside on the grass at Melbourne’s MCG stadium, it was the biggest stadium of Swift's career.

This is the biggest show that I have done on this tour or any tour ever - Taylor Swift

Now, let me confess, I was a little late to the Taylor Swift game. Don’t get me wrong, it's not like I hadn’t danced to her catchy hits, but I didn’t know all the albums by heart. It wasn't until I found myself on a road trip across Australia, with zero service, that my Spotify kept playing TS a moment of fate that would have me lost in the middle of nowhere with nothing but Taylor Swift. That's how it happened.

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Outside the MCG stadium was its own Coachella, complete with ice cream stands, food trucks, and several merch booths. Everyone knows I'm extremely passionate about merch. As I associate happiness with material objects. So of course, I waited for 45 minutes in line to get an official Taylor Swift Era’s Tour T-shirt for $65. All the small sizes were sold out, so I got a medium, which honestly is more like an XXL, but it's an official TM and is says "Van Nuys, CA, 91402" so I will wear it.


But let's talk about the real stars of the show, the fans. Melbourne Swifties brought their A-game, with costumes crafted with painstaking devotion over years. Bedazzled cowboy boots, hair braids adorned with diamonds – they spared no expense in their sartorial tributes. It was a spectacle fit for the screen, Baz Luhrmann himself would be jealous.

Personally, the standout for me was "Lonely Starbucks Lover" not just because I have an undeniable caffeine addiction, but also due to the inspiring level of simplicity put into his creation.

starbucks lovr

After lining up to get three cinnamon donuts for $5 and an ice-coffee for $8 (inspired by Lonely Starbucks Lover), a little girl about five years old approached me on the grass and handed me a pink friendship bracelet with "Lover" written on it. It was so sweet, I wanted to give her something back, but I had already inhaled all the donuts! So, I settled for a hug and took this photo instead.


As for the vibes inside the stadium - Electric doesn't begin to cover it. From start to finish, Taylor delivered a masterclass in entertainment, clocking in an impressive three and a half hours of pure euphoria. Each album Era was meticulously represented, from the dreamy hues of "Lover" to the gritty edge of "Reputation". Complete with wristbands that changed colour and communicated secret codes to the Swifties, genius! Witnessing the entire stadium erupt as the colour changed to Red, you see her fans know what this means and they start singing the song before she can.

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But amidst all the glitz and glam, there is an authenticity to Taylor's performance. Sure, some banter may have been scripted, but the tears she shed during "Champagne Problems" were real. And the emotional rollercoaster that was the 10-minute rendition of "All Too Well”. But perhaps the most touching moment was when Taylor stopped mid show, removed her earplugs, and stared out at crowd awestruck with the kind of energy that gives you goosebumps.

eras tour

My friend Emily has a cool story, she spotted Papa Swift (Dad) by the stage. Legend has it that he attends every show and carries Taylor's guitar picks in his pocket to hand out to a lucky fan.

I was feeling brave, so I walked up to him, said hello, and offered him a bracelet I made, it said 'Peace' the title of one of my favourite songs from Folklore, which he graciously accepted and gave me a 'Long Live' one. He then reached into his pocket and handed me two Midnights themed guitar picks - Emily

Don't believe me? Check out her Insta video.


Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like belting out "Are You Ready For It!!!" at the top of your lungs with 96 thousand of your closest friends. It was raw and magical. With voices hoarse from singing our hearts out, it is clear, Taylor Swift sure does bring people together. The Eras Tour was culture moment in time and we were lucky to be there.

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