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MaXXXine is a f***ing Movie Star

As the sun set over Hollywood blvd last night, one thing was clear, MAXXXINE is a f**king movie star.

The red carpet was a spectacle in itself, the fashion choices were bold, a perfect match for the gritty, boundary-pushing film being celebrated. From classic Hollywood glamour to avant-garde ensembles. Angelyne, even made an appearance out front in her pink Corvette.


Director Ti West, spoke about his journey creating MAXXXINE, the third installment in his acclaimed trilogy that began with "X" and continued with "Pearl." He praised the cast and crew, highlighting the collaborative effort that brought the film to life.

Mia Goth, reprising her role as the enigmatic Maxine Minx, she spoke passionately about her character's evolution and the challenges of bringing such a complex persona to life.


"Maxine is a survivor, she's fierce, she's flawed, and she's real" - Mia Goth

Set in 1980s Hollywood, a world where dreams are made and shattered with equal intensity. The protagonist, Maxine Minx, is an adult film star with aspirations of mainstream success. Her journey is fraught with danger, as a mysterious killer begins targeting starlets, threatening to expose Maxine's hidden dark past. It's a narrative that captures the essence of Hollywood's relentless pursuit of stardom.

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The culmination of Ti West's brilliant trilogy. Starting with "X" which followed a group of adult filmmakers in 1970s Texas, and continuing with "Pearl" a prequel set in 1918, West has crafted a narrative that spans decades and delves deep into the psyche of its characters. Each film stands alone, yet together they form a rich tapestry that explores fame, ambition, and the inherent darkness lurking beneath the surface of Hollywood.

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"X" introduced us to the fierce Maxine Minx and the horrifying ordeal she endured in rural Texas, where a group of adult filmmakers were murdered by an elderly couple. Mia Goth's dual role as both Maxine and Pearl showcased her incredible range. The film was a hauntingly beautiful exploration of repression and the dark side of the American Dream.


The clever writing, stunning visuals, and stellar performances have set a new standard for the horror genre. MAXXXINE honors Hollywood's storied past while boldly pushing the boundaries of modern filmmaking. In cinemas, July 5th. 

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