Hollywood Nights by Patty Jenkins

Hollywood Nights by Patty Jenkins

TNT's limited series, I Am The Night, takes us deep into one of Hollywood's most sinister chapters. Inspired by Fauna Hodel's autobiography "One Day She'll Darken", the series follows Fauna (India Eisley) as she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about her past and her ties to one of the city’s most infamous unsolved crimes.

Crafted by writer Sam Sheridan and director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), the first two episodes establish a noir-esque aesthetic that envelops viewers in an eerie atmosphere. Cinematographer Matthew Jensen ASC chose Kodak Film to forge the show’s unique visual style.

The use of film in I Am The Night imbues the series with a haunting, timeless quality. The interplay of light and shadow, combined with a striking color palette, creates a mood that is both foreboding and mesmerizing. India Eisley shines as Fauna, portraying a young woman determined to uncover the secrets of her past at any cost. Chris Pine delivers a compelling performance as Jay Singletary, a former journalist drawn into Fauna’s relentless pursuit of truth.

I Am The Night offers a gripping journey into Hollywood's dark history. With stunning visuals, stellar performances, the deliberate use of film enhances the timeless feel, perfectly capturing the essence of the story. 

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