Blinded by Rainbows joins Ones to Watch

Blinded by Rainbows joins Ones to Watch

Blinded by Rainbows Joins SPA's Ones to Watch: Celebrating the Next Wave of Visionary Screen Producers

Embarking on a mission to foster the storytellers of tomorrow, Screen Producers Australia, proudly unveils its latest selection for Ones To Watch. This transformative program is dedicated to propelling the careers of emerging creative producers within the Australian screen industry, championing narratives that resonate with diverse global audiences.

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With a commitment to storytelling diversity, Ones to Watch embraces a spectrum of perspectives, from First Nations sagas to offbeat comedies, LGBTQIA+ narratives, and tales of female empowerment. Recognized as a premier pathway for emerging Australian producers, Ones to Watch offers a transformative experience, providing participants with opportunities to refine their craft, expand their networks, and engage with industry luminaries.

This year's cohort represents a vibrant tapestry of Australian storytelling:

  • Aven Yap – Nimbus Creative
  • Bethany Bruce – Staple Fiction
  • Chanel Bowen – Independent
  • Christopher Amos – Independent
  • Cyna Strachan – Mad Ones Films
  • Debbie Zhou – Independent
  • Emma Roberts – Pernickety Split
  • Hanna Griffiths – Blinded by Rainbows
  • Jason Chong – 1UP Digital
  • Luke Saliba – Paperless Films
  • Sierra Schrader – EveryNameTaken
  • Tim Russell – Pivot Studios

    As part of their Ones to Watch journey, participants will engage in tailored mentorship opportunities and exclusive webinars, preparing them for the prestigious Screen Forever conference in the following year. In an ever-evolving industry, SPA's Ones to Watch stands as a cornerstone in nurturing and championing the diverse voices that shape Australian storytelling. Together, we ensure that our stories captivate audiences both at home and on the world stage.

    Since its inception, Ones to Watch has empowered producers to expand their horizons and forge lasting connections through the entertainment industry.

    Blinded by Rainbows, led by Hanna Griffiths, has been selected to join the esteemed Ones to Watch program. This recognition, announced via Variety, underscores the company's commitment to pushing creative boundaries in the screen industry.

    As Blinded by Rainbows embarks on this transformative journey, it reaffirms its dedication to championing underrepresented voices in storytelling. This milestone serves as a testament to the company's artistic merit and its ongoing commitment to innovation in the industry.

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